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Windows 10-11 Printer Share Problems 0x0000011b %100 Solved

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Windows 10-11 Printer Share Problems 0x0000011b %100 Solved İf you want to share your Printers on the windows 10 and 11 you need to read this Blog,before share printers.

0x0000011b errorrs

How to fix network printing error 0x0000011b

Windows share printer services are not working due to windows 10 new updates. After sharing, it cannot be installed on another computer.

Okey no problem we will fix Printer Share Problems 0x0000011b together again. Just you follow me step by step.

First Step

On the computer where the printer is installed, you download my regedit file.

My regedit File Link

After Download it's file. On the it's file double left click and choose run. After run it will ask you yes or no you will choose yes and it will been succecsfull.After this you must restart the computer.

First step is done now. Continues Second step.

Second Step

Now You need to make Windows file share Settings.

You click on the keyboard ,windows button , write Network and sharing center.

After open Network and sharing center you make settings like under the below.

open the printer sharing

After Save changes You can past next step.

Third step

We should Share Printer now. You open run console with "Win+R" and write "control printers" when open printers you choose your printer and right click, later choose "printer settings" and you choose Share and you make like the below.

share name

After you made settings click the apply and ok.

Now, we should learn to, the sharing computer name.

For this you click the windows button and write "about my computers" open details and you learn your computer name for use on the other computer.

computer name

If you learned your computer name,third step is done now.

We can continue with fourth step.

Fourth Step

With this computer us job finished.

we will contunies with other computer.

Let's switch to the computer you want to share the printer with.

When we sit other computer we will open with "Win+R" Run console.

we will write in the run console

after we write " \\yourdesktopname\ " we will push the enter button

and we will open the share folders

and we will double click the printer name

After saying yes to the questions and accepting, the installation is finished.

After that we can print from other computers.

Finally we solved also this problems.


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